Zumanity Las Vegas

Zumanity Las Vegas, the sexually-charged Cirque du Soleil Vegas show was unveiled at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino on September 20, 2003. Its a rather erotic Cirque show, touted as the other side of Cirque, and in my opinion it is definitely one of the best shows in Las Vegas.
Prior to Zumanity opening, the Cirque shows in Vegas residence were Mystère at Treasure Island and O at the Bellagio. These were truly revolutionary shows Mystère being the ground breaker, taking Cirque out of the circus tent and into a fixed and permanent theatre. O was the first show to be in water. These first two shows were produced by Dragone. Seeing the urgent need to stay cutting edge and needing to match or top what Dragone had created, there was a lot of pressure for the new directors: René Richard Cyr and Dominic Champagne.
This show was pulled off exquisitely and brilliantly. It was created as a cabaret-style show and is the first adult themed Cirque du Soleil show. It explores sexuality in all of its flavors fat, skinny, male, female, and so much depth.
Laliberté said that he was eager to produce the show for a chance to create something with risky. He said: Our previous shows have all been family-oriented and politically correct, which is great. But were human beings, we won’t hide it. Were a bunch of happy campers? We like to live new experiences. Zumanity deals with some of those experiences.
This is a very professional way of saying sexy and erotic, as that is exactly what Zumanity embodies. From the schoolgirl in the sexy schoolgirl uniform playing with hula hoops to the obese ladies dancing and winding their bodies surprisingly erotically to the sexy water sipping girls dazzling you with eyes and body movements, you will not be disappointed in this sexually charged and artistic performance. As with all Cirque shows, there is a running theme of comic relief, so youll be happy to squeeze in a few giggles between eye-opening sexy scenes.
Zumanity differs in location. Both Treasure Island and Mirage cater to an older crowd, even to a family-oriented crowd, but the home of Zumanity, New York-New York is a younger and hipper bunch. It was the perfect location for such a sexy show. And with a very unique theme, they could be sure not to cannibalize other Cirque shows. Its a theme and a draw on its own.
Cirque can be an addiction. (Or at least it certainly is an addiction for me!) After you see one show, you want to see them all. This is a show you want to see on a date. Its rather erotic. If you sit near the front, you may be fed strawberries by the sensual show stars.
Zumanity Vegas, one of the best Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, can be seen at the New York-New York. Show Times are 7:30 and 10:00 p.m. Friday Tuesday (dark Wednesday and Thursday) at the Zumanity Theater in the New York-New York. Show is approximately 90 minutes.