.Ka Las Vegas

  • Show length: 90 Minutes
  • Prices from: $ 63
  • Location: KÀ Theatre, MGM Grand
  • Show time: 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday - Wednesday.
  • Show Type: Cirque Du Soleil

Kà Las Vegas at the MGM Grand is a Cirque du Soleil show, so automatically I feel it makes the best shows in Vegas list because Cirque is AMAZING! However, to be quite frank with you, Ka is my least favorite Cirque show in Las Vegas.

Mystère at Treasure Island was the first and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Many believe this show is the best show in all of Las Vegas. O Las Vegas was the first stage production to take place completely in water. Its extravagant and extreme. Then came Zumanity and it was the other side of Cirque showing a sexually-charged tour de force. And then the next project was Kà opening at the MGM Grand in February 2005. There is nothing wrong with Kà Las Vegas I just feel many other shows are more spectacular.

In most Cirque showrooms, there are no bad seats. When you’re watching the show from a distance you get one perspective and when you're watching it up close you may feel like you’re seeing a completely different show. With that being said, I feel that bad seats are possible at Kà Las Vegas and I was sitting in it.

Now, to be fair, the MGM Grand is a monstrosity. At the time of its building it was the largest hotel casino not only in Las Vegas, but in the world. Many other casinos have been constructed since the MGM Grand opened its doors, so its no longer the hotel with the most rooms in the world. But it is still the largest in Las Vegas. Everything at the MGM Grand is enormous.

Not only is the MGM Grand enormous, but so is the showroom that hosts Kà. It cost more than $220 million to get the show off the ground. Of that $220 million, $30 was spent in costumes and $135 was spent to build the theater itself. So, yes, a grand production. At the time, it was the largest and most expensive production Cirque du Soleil had created to date. But to me, money didn't make it good. The showroom is not the work of art that other productions are. Its simply a stage. The seating isn’t a glorious surround theater its a simple stage production in front of an audience.

As for positives, I did love the opening scene of Kà and had I not seen any other Cirque Las Vegas shows, I would have enjoyed this performance far more. Kà was directed by Robert Le page and I believe the theme was intended to be interesting. Kà use martial arts as the inspiration and the main characters of this production are a pair of imperial twins. The happenings in Kà are much easier to follow along with than other Cirque shows. The storyline is concrete and linear and not as abstract or artsy as other productions. This can be good or bad depending on your taste. Kà Las Vegas is shown in the KÀ Theatre at the MGM Grand Tuesday through Saturday (dark Sunday and Monday) at 7:00 and 9:30pm. The show is approximately 90 minutes.

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 6 reviews
 by Anshu

We loved KA Las Vegas! Amazing performers and totally worth seeing.

 by Emma

Nice show! Very talented group of performers! Appreciated how all the cast got to showcase their talent.

 by Sophia

We were drawn into the show right from the beginning. The athleticism was fantastic!! The engineering of the stunts and sets was like no other. Truly amazing!!

 by Mike lee

Very Nice show. One of the best show I ever see in Vegas.

 by Pitter - Love ka Vegas shows

Great show with great performer. Audience love this show. I love also.

 by Ka las vegas Great - Vicky

Ka by Cirque du Soleil is the best show. Especially Las Vegas Ka. I love this show and want to sea again