.X Burlesque

  • Show length: 75 Minutes
  • Prices from: $ 50
  • Location: Bugsys Cabaret, Flamingo, Las Vegas
  • Show time: 10:00 p.m. nightly
  • Show Type: Adult Shows, Production Shows

With contemporary music, props, sexy costumes, sensual makeup, lighting, and other erotic visualization techniques, X Burlesque is the Ultra-sexy show in the Sin City. The show is filled with sexy and erotic dance and stunning acrobatics. This is the show of six hot and sexy women who grace the stage every night at the Flamingo Las Vegas. This topless show goes beyond the stereotype with new ideas of strip tease, sextips,and sexual fantasies. With the belief that a Las Vegas show’s quality starts with the caliber of its girls, X Burlesque does not disappoint. Hand picked by the directors and producers of the show, the eight sexy women of the cast of X Burlesque are truly talented, with charm and personality to match. Each girl’s true personality and sensuality shine through in their individual dances on-stage.

The girls name Linda, Trish, Lita, Molly, Jolly and Victoria dance to the tune of a famous musician. The entire show is perfectly choreographed and the performance of the girls remain unmatched in 75 minutes. The audience becomes awestruck as the dancers feature moves from all genres of music. Some of the newest additions to the show include a feisty Latin number, Country-Western numbers to Jessica Simpson’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and Toby Keith’s “She’s a Hottie,” and a racy scene to Aerosmith’s “Pink.”

Complete Review of the show

X Burlesque is the classic show in the city of light brought to the audiences by the creators of X Country, X Comedy and X Rocks. This is 75 minutes top less show located within the Flamingo Hotel and Casino has been entertaining the guest from past one decades. The show features hot and sizzling ladies who perform sensual dance items that mix the ideal choreography throughout the show.

There are six main show girls that include Linda, Trish, Lita, Molly, Jolly, and Victoria. All of these beautiful women have a sexy figure and they are not shy about their erotic gesture and sexy dance move. The highlight of the show includes stunning dance, acrobatics, strip tease, mud-wrestling, comedy and sex tips. Beautiful and talented Linda comes to the stage with sexy lingerie and performs a sexy pole dance. Apart from that, she also performs traditional strip tease to Sexy Silk that brings the house down and most of her clothes leaving only high heels.  Molly likes a little S&M and with her costume complete with a whip as well as feathers, she is graceful dancing to Beyonce’s Haunted. Molly is superb in her groove as she grinds her guitar in a sexy dance during Crazy Bitch.

In the second half, Victoria steals the show with a seductive and erotic pole dance. She is seductively superb with her brilliant strip tease during Champagne wishes where she performs in a glass. Lita grace the stage with her sexy item, during the performance she crosses the limit of sensuality and removes her lingerie. She chooses the audience randomly and brings him to the stage. There is a chair on the main stage, where she seats on the lap of that person and seduce her.

One part of the show that has never changed has been the routine called Sweet and Innocent. In this part, two hot ladies Trish and Lita remove her Lingerie and enter into a bathtub and starts pouring Champagne on each other. There is one other scene that involves three seductive women that include Lita, Molly, Jolly, and Victoria where during Selena Gomez’s song The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants the gorgeous women to perform acrobatic moves on a white mattress. There are times when all of the seductive women are on stage together like in a foot stomping rendition of Now or Never.

There is a slight break in the show for set changes and this is when comedian James Bean comes to the stage and tickles the funny bones of the audience with his raunchy jokes. James Bean is also joined by famous comedian Anthony Cool, both make the show more interesting and engaging with mind blowing jokes and fictional acting. Before the night is over, the X Burlesque staff choose one lucky audience and all eight girls present a beautiful gift to him.

The Bugsy’s Cabaret at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is the perfect destination for such glamorous show featuring all hot and sizzling beauties. The state-of-the-art multi media effects during the show are supported by advanced video screen and lighting. The sound system is excellent and only 100 seats the intimate feeling is unique. X Burlesque is a sexy and wild show, where you can satisfy your fantasies of watching a topless revue of beautiful, seductive and sexy women.

About the cast-

X Burlesque is the creation of Angela and Matt Stabile, who are a husband and wife team. The Stabile’s have been producing shows since they opened Stabile Productions Inc. in 1986. From this time going forward the married couple has brought X Rocks, X Country and X Comedy to the entertainment scene in Las Vegas.

Why should you not miss X Burlesque when you are in Las Vegas?

This show is best known for their six beautiful, sexy, and talented female dancers allowing their personalities to truly shine on the Strip. Performed in barely their outfits, the girls of X utilize the stage props of bathtubs, guitars, lollipops, feather boas, and more to taunt and tease the awaiting audience. The hot and steamy moves that the girls perform make X Burlesque the sexiest and wildest show in town.

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X Burlesque
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 by Carole J. Corley

X Burlesque - Flamingo - Las Vegas is a sexy topless show combining steamy choreography, creative props and six beautiful dancers who cater to just about every male fantasy imaginable.

 by Clara

this is one of the best show...