.Crazy Girls

  • Show length: 75 Minutes
  • Prices from: $ 40
  • Location: Sin City Theatre, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
  • Show time: 9 p.m. Thursday - Tuesday.
  • Show Type: Adult Shows, Production Shows

Crazy Girl is hot, sexy and one of the longest- running top less show in the Sin City. The show is filled with unmatched dance and glamor. This is the show, where you will see hot, sexy and gorgeous girls in beautiful lingerie. Crazy girls is the sexy and erotic dance show where you will experience Old Vegas. With a great cast and beautiful dancers, this show leaves the audience spellbound.

A complete review of the show:

Crazy Girl is the classic piece of entertainment brought to the audience by Karen Raider, who is company manager of the show and one of the original Crazy Girls. Since inception in 1994, this ultra sexy show is entertaining the audience of Vegas. This 75 minutes minute topless revue at the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort has been entertaining the guest from past two decades. The show features beautiful and sexy women who perform seductive and synchronized dances.

Like Fantasy, the girls in the show come to the stage with skimpy clothes and seduce the audience with her erotic gesture and sexy moves. There are eight to ten bold and sizzling models in the show include Rose, Kait, Angelina, Britney, Salena, Pamela, Maxi, Karen, and Audrey. All of those beautiful women have chiseled bodies of glorious flesh and they are not shy about their figures. The highlight of the show includes Pole dance, mud wrestling, sex tips and a lot more.

The show begins with the wonderful dance of bold and beautiful Kait, her dance was just amazing, the way she twists and stretches her body it was really wonderful. With her sexy, flexible body and stunning performance, she fascinates the crowd. After the dance, she engages the audience with her seductive pole dance. Kait also performs a traditional strip tease.

After Kait’s show, Pamela and Salena come to the stage with her beautiful costumes and make the show more beautiful with her acrobatic dance steps. The both dancers are beautiful and their chemistry on the stage remains unmatched. After the dance, they both perform erotic pole dance. After the performance, both interact with the male audiencein the show. They select the audience randomly and call him on the stage, once audience takes his seat on the stage then they both start asking funny and sexy questions like “Will you go to bed with me?”, “ What is your sexual fantasy?” and a lot more. These two ladies do not stop here, even they both dance with him and take a selfie.

Karen steals a stage with her sexy number and she steals the stage during a sexy number in which she is dancing on a zebra bench and she is seductively superb with her brilliant strip tease during Champagne Wishes where she performs in a glass. There is one other scene that involves three seductive women that include Maxi, Karen, and Audrey performs an acrobatic dance on Selena Gomez’s song “The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants.” There are times when all of the seductive women are on stage together like in a foot stomping rendition of Now or Never. The show does not limit to pole dance and acrobatics, rather here audience also enjoys razor-sharp comedy show and erotic mud wrestling. The topless dancers perform Downhome Cooking that sizzles while they are wearing only cowboy boots, Daisy Dukes and a hat.

There is a slight break in Crazy Girl for set changes and this is when comedian Nancy Ryan tickles the funny bones of the audience with his raunchy jokes and adult humor. Nancy is also joined by James Bean for a comedy duo that has the audiences laughing before the next jaw dropping dance by the lovely topless dancers. The Planet Hollywood Casino Resort is the perfect place for this stunning stage show featuring all these beautiful women. The stage is equipped with outstanding multimedia effect, that is supported by numerous video screens and excellent lighting. With the cutting-edge sound system and excellent seating arrangement, this show is open for all those, who are above 18 years old.

Crazy Girl is the wildest and hottest adult show in the entertainment capital of the world. The show will satisfy all of your wildest fantasies of watching a topless revue of beautiful, seductive and sexy women.

About the Cast:

Crazy Girl is organized at the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort and hosted by Karen Raider. Since inception in 1994, the show is extremely popular in the city. Some of the girls include Pamela and Salena are sisters. Pamela, Maxi, Karen, and Audrey are four best friends, who lived and raised in the Sin City. Rose has six years being an Crazy Girl, Angelina and Britney are going on five years and Maxi have almost three years with the production.

Why watch the show:

With hot and sizzling model on the Las Vegas Strip, it is no surprise that Crazy Girls is one of the popular show in the Sin City. If you’re in Vegas for a bachelor party or just want a sexy start to your night out on the strip, then Crazy Girls is the perfect show to get a taste of Sin City’s signature showgirls. From the past two decades, the show is receiving massive accolades from the local as well as international audience. The show continues to push the envelope when it comes to thrilling routines and barely-there costumes.

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Crazy Girls
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 2 reviews
 by Kristin T. Pollack

If you are looking for some adult humor then, we strongly recommend Crazy Girls. The show is filled with hot and bold content. The six ladies grace the stage with their stunning performance. It is really exciting to watch the show live!

 by Tomy

very very nice show.